INTEG 340: Thinking Through Research Methods

Instructor:  John McLevey


This course provides an introduction to empirical research design and methods with a focus on applications in the social sciences. You will learn some of the core concepts in research design (e.g. ethics, conceptualization, operationalization, sampling) that are independent of any disciplinary context, methodological approach, or specific application. Then, building on these foundations, you will learn some of the most important methodological tools for collecting and analyzing data in quantitative, qualitative, experimental, and archival research designs. By the end of the course you will be a more informed consumer of empirical research and have a basic set of skills for designing and implementing your own empirical research projects. Most importantly, you will have a foundation for future learning about research design and methods.


Note: This course is open to all Waterloo students, and meets the Research Design/Methods course requirement for BKI students.


Prerequisite: Level at least 2A    previous course name: Research Methods and Design