Welcome to Science and Technology in Society Teaching at Waterloo

Starting from historical, philosophical, and social science perspectives on science and technology, this group examines science and technology as they function within society. Courses taught address such topics as what constitutes responsible innovation, the historical development of science and technology, the rhetoric of science, and the relationship between experts and the public. The goal of the group is to foster cross-disciplinary teaching in this area, focused at the undergraduate level.

Students who take courses in this area will be able to:

— Appreciate the nature of science and its relationship to innovation

— Analyze the functioning of science and technology in society

— Critically assess scientific and technological practice, its implications, and its impacts on individuals, societies, and environments

— Analyze the relationships among political systems, power, and science & technology

— Identify and evaluate the ethical issues associated with science and technology

— Assess their responsibilities (as citizens, as scientists and engineers) with respect to science & technology

— Examine how scientific and technological knowledge is communicated through texts, people, machines, and images

— Engage in reasoned debates about the role of science & technology in society

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