Hist 303 Digital History

Digital history, the application of new and emerging technologies to the study of history, is an exciting new field. In this course, we explore the literature on digital history, and put theory into practice by digitally collecting, evaluating, and producing historical knowledge.

Some critical topics for this course include:

  • What is digital history?
  • How new technology can transform historical work, through introductory data mining, textual analysis, spatial analysis, and data visualization
  • How to put history online: making websites, blogs, and engaging with the public (public history)
  • How digital archives are changing how we preserve history
  • How gaming can shake up the historical landscape

This course aims to be different than other history courses you’ve taken. While I lecture a bit throughout the class, much of it is hands-on: playing with tools, experimenting with various software packages, getting out of the classroom from time to time, with an eye to active and engaged learning.

Taught by Ian Milligan